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Logo Rights & Permissions
You may use the Materials on the website only for educational or non-commercial purposes relating to the REDD+ Social and Environmental Standards, subject to these Terms and except that: To use a REDD+SES logo for fundraising, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a detailed description of your planned use; if an individual, your name and address; if an entity, its place of incorporation and type of entity. This use requires express written permission from REDD+ SES management.

Collected information
When our server transmits information to your computer, it happens on request from your computer. This request contains the address of your computer (the IP number) and in most cases also the manufacture and version of your internet-browser. Additionally, your username for your own computer is sometimes submitted.

How we use the collected information
The collected information is used for statistical purposes in order to enhance the usability of the website. In order to make the website as user-friendly as possible, the redd-standards.org website transmits small pieces of information for storage on the computers of the visitors (cookies). Even if your internet browser does not accept cookies, you will still be able to use the website.

Other than for statistical purposes, the information you or your computer transmit to redd-standards.org in connection with the use of this website will not be used without your prior consent and will not be sold or in any other way transferred to a third party.

When using this website to contact us for further marketing material, the personal information given to us will consequently be used solely to provide you with the requested material.

Access to the collected information
We will at all times comply with your request to have the information we have collected on you deleted or rectified if such information is incorrect or misleading. Additionally, you have the right to be informed of the collected information related to your person that is in our possession.

Please address any inquiries to redd-standards.org at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jurisdiction and choice of law
Any disputes that may arise from the use of this website shall be settled by the courts of Denmark according to Danish law.


Legal Notice
Please read these Terms of Use before using the redd-standards.org website. By using this website, you accept the given Terms and Conditions, hereunder Terms of Use.

redd-standards.org strives to keep this website updated with accurate information. However, redd-standards.org disclaims liability for losses occurred as a consequence of erroneous or missing information on the website except in cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence. Further, redd-standards.org disclaims liability for consequential and indirect losses, including loss of profit.

redd-standards.org disclaims all liability for information provided by redd-standards.org sub-contractors on their websites or in any other way.

It is the policy of redd-standards.org to maintain up-to-date protection against hackers and computer viruses. However, redd-standards.org disclaims liability for any hacker or virus attack against this website or redd-standards.org's server. This also applies if persons outside redd-standards.org use this website or redd-standards.org's server to attack other websites, servers or users of this website.

redd-standards.org disclaims liability for the fact that this website may not be accessible at all times. Breakdown can occur as a result of technical errors, system updates or by hacker attacks or computer viruses.

redd-standards.org furthermore disclaims liability for any websites to which hyperlinks are provided on this website. This applies to security breaches as well as information on these websites.

redd-standards.org has copyright to the content of this website. The content, in any form, may not be copied or depicted without the written consent of redd-standards.org.

redd-standards.org disclaims liability for the infringement by others of third parties' intellectual property rights. This also applies to infringements by redd-standards.org. sub-contractors or on websites to which hyperlinks are provided on this website.

redd-standards.org reserves the right to amend, change and add information in any way to this websiteat any time and without prior warning.

Information submitted to redd-standards.org
Information, which is not considered personal, submitted to redd-standards.org, including but not limited to text, images and sound, can be used by redd-standards.org according to its own wishes. The information shall not be deemed confidential.

Please note that information submitted to redd-standards.org is not encrypted in connection with the submission. If your enquiry contains information that you wish to ensure the confidentiality of, we encourage you to use ordinary mail instead.

Unsolicited e-mails (spam) are not to be submitted to customers or employees of redd-standards.org. Illegal, harassing, discriminating or similar information must not be transmitted to the customers or employees of redd-standards.org. The users of this website are not to take measures, use software or techniques, which disturbs or intends to disturb the website (this includes computer viruses or other harmful information).