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page global reportThe REDD+ Social & Environmental Standards Initiative is pleased to share a new series of reports on Progress towards and results of a participatory, transparent and comprehensive approach to REDD+ safeguards.

These reports document the findings of an outcomes evaluation that collected evidence of progress in developing and using country approaches to REDD+ safeguards in ten countries/jurisdictions and results flowing from this process, with a particular focus on participation, transparency and comprehensiveness. The reports provide evidence of achievements related to development of a country safeguards approach, and also explore the significance of the changes that occurred and the contribution of various factors, irrespective of whether there was a link between progress and support from the REDD+ SES Initiative.



A global report analyzes progress and results across countries and provides summaries of country specific findings for each of the ten countries. 



A webinarto present the findings of the outcomes evaluation and perspectives from some countries that have been developing participatory, transparent and comprehensive REDD+ safeguards approaches, was hold on Tuesday May 31, 2016, 11:00 am - 12:00pm US Eastern Time. The recording of the webinar is available here


outcomes factsheetThe document provides evidence of the important changes that countries have made to adopt a more participatory, more transparent and/or more comprehensive approach to safeguards including strengthening governance structures, policies, laws and regulations and strategies and action plans, and increasing funding, advocacy and leadership.

There are also examples of results flowing from the country safeguards approach, including adoption of stronger policies, laws and regulations to protect rights, not only for REDD+ but also for other land use, assertive action by communities to claim their rights, strengthening of REDD+ strategies and action plans to deliver greater multiple benefits, and increased funding for REDD+ activities.

These outcomes provide clear evidence of the progress and value of safeguards, and provide insights into the most effective ways to support countries to implement and provide information on safeguards.

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This publication presents the results of the action reasearch on gender and REDD+ carried out by the Women Environment and Development Organization in collaboration with the REDD+ SES Initiative. The publication is composed of two parts:


gender report


Booklet 1 - Lessons learned from action research describes the development of the action research project, the methodology and process of the action research, the baselines developed in each of the 4 countries, the steps to design a gender sensitive strategy or program, and the research outcomes.

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gender research 2


Booklet 2 – Actions Steps for National REDD+ Programs summarizes the action research, and contains three distinct action checklists:
1. Essential actions to develop a gender sensitive REDD+ Program 
2. Actions to address the gender components of the REDD+ SES Principles, Criteria, and Indicators  
3. Actions to develop a gender responsive country-level interpretation of Indicators
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Published in June 2013



This publication aims to assist governments that are developing safeguards information systems (SIS) for their REDD+ strategies and action plans on how to collect and utilize information from nested projects. It provides some considerations on collecting and using information from projects that are using the Climate, Community & Biodiversity (CCB) Standards for a country-level SIS. An analysis is provided of the specific case about how information from projects using CCB Standards can be provided for SIS in jurisdictions using the REDD+ SES principles, criteria and indicators framework. The publication is complemented by a separate case study on using project information for a country SIS in Peru and the Region of San Martin prepared by Conservation International - Peru.


Considerations for using information from nested projects for SIS English


Case study of Peru and the Region of San Martín Español

English coming soon






This facthseet presents the goal, objectives and areas of support to countries of the SES Initiative for developing a participatory, transparent and comprehensive approach to safeguards. 




Published in February 2015