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Chile through the National Forest Corporation (CONAF) is currently developping its National Strategy for Climate Change and Vegetation Ressources (Estrategia Nacional de Cambio Climático y Recursos Vegetacionales). Chile has beeen participating in the REDD+ SES Initiative since 2013 to support the development on its Safeguards Information System based on REDD+ SES. 


Capacity building


Since 2013, the National Forest Coorporation (Corporación Nacional Forestal - CONAF) organized two training workshops on REDD+, each including a complete module on safeguards. The first workshop organized in November 2013 was aimed at representatives from government, civil society and academia who are participating in the Forests and Climate Change Roundtable. The second workshop organized in November 2014 was aimed at strenghening the capacities of the representatives from CONAF regional offices.




CONAF is planning a consultation process to identify potential risks and opportunities of the REDD+ Strategy under their Strategic Environmental and Sociall Assessment (SESA). The inputs from these workshops will feed into the development of indicators for SIS.